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Here you go. Cost more than the bike. But can’t beat it for comfort! Three guesses what it is going on. Interesting that Brooks has gone to the bags versus the old cardboard boxes. I have quite of few of those stashed away.img_20181118_173417841


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I’m baaaack

Yet another year has sailed past.

Here is a teaser for you.

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So to speak. I am still around and surprisingly enough so is the blogosphere.

Finally found the missing files so I can start rebuilding the missing pictures on the blog, and hopefully post a few more. No new bike acquisitions, and only minimal work on the current herd. Minimal riding too, unfortunately work has been getting in the way.

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This past year has been full of too much of everything but bicycles. I think my yearly total riding might be in the low double digit range. Not good…

Life has gotten in the way more than a little. Dealing with ageing parents and my lovely bride being out of work for nearly a year due to an on job injury. Things are starting to level off and plans are afoot for a new shop after the first of the year. So things are looking up!

Hopefully things on the blog side will improve over the winter and I can get things repaired.


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Sorry folks, no really new content to add. Another year has slipped by.

An elderly friend of ours asked how I was doing, told her I was “living life at the speed limit”, she said; “I am too and they keep raising the damned thing”.

Working on rearranging some things in our life in hopes of gaining some semblance of control.


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Sorry about the lack of posting, cycling took a back seat to too many other activities this past year. I am still riding and still loving my bikes, just not as much as I would like. I also apologize for the lack of pictures. Many of my pictures were hosted on Webshots and they have since closed down. I will work on restoring the pictures as soon as I can. The good news is I have all the pictures, the bad news is they need to uploaded some where else to be visible.

Looking forward to wrenching and wriding in 2013!

I wish you a Brave New Year!


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Well the hub part anyway, and I am excited to have them…

Was tidying up the work bench earlier today and realized that I had quite a few hubs laying on it waiting for someone to verify dimensions so spokes can be ordered….wonder who that would be?

Hard photo op to miss out on 😉

These are the hubs laying on the bench. Sturmey Archer vintage, Sturmey Archer new and Shimano. One pair of the vintage hubs are getting laced onto a set of CR-18 alloy rims to go on my Raleigh Superbe for everyday riding. The original steel rims have a kink and hop that I cannot get out, but I want to save the wheels for shows. Another of the vintage hubs is for my wife’s Colt, she is getting a dyno hub on it. The newer SA hubs are for the Raleigh Record build, that one is getting the CR-18 rims also. The Shimano hubs are just there for the moment, both are 8 speeds, one interestingly enough is coaster brake.

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Just got home from a week on the road to several boxes waiting for me. This is a good thing. Hubs are here for the Raleigh Record build. New Brooks Flyer for my expedition bike build/tour bike. The hubs I ended up ordering are Sturmey Archer. Ordered an X-RD5(w) for the rear and an XL-FDD for the front. I would have liked to have the 90mm drum for the rear, but apparently they aren’t available state side at this point.

More parts have been ordered and will be trickling in over the next few weeks. Hopefully a complete bike or two will be coming out of the shop in a few weeks.



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But then again?

My brother called last week and said he was cleaning out the garage and his old bicycles had to go. If I wanted them it was now or never. If I didn’t take them they were headed for the local thrift store.

He is about the same size I am so I knew they would fit. One bike I was familiar with, his Giant Excursion which is the twin to mine.

The others I had never seen. So grabbed the truck and headed up the road.

Here are pictures of the haul.

1990’ish Giant Excursion, not in quite as nice a shape as mine, but it has been ridden a good bit more and was used as a commuter.

Next bike up is a 1985 Raleigh Record. Nothing real fancy, just a good solid entry level 10 speed in it’s day. He had started some sort of conversion on it. Plans right now call for a strip down and rebuild as a city bike for my son who lives in Boston. Going to go with Sturmey Archer drum brake hubs. More to follow on this one.

And last but not least…

1991? Raleigh Tactic. This was an odd little bike they only made for a couple of years. Steel MTB, frame is 4130 CroMo which is one of my favorite materials. Bike is a bit on the small side for me, not sure what my brother was doing with it. Looks like he might have used it as a backup commuter.

So now off to order parts and figure out how to shuffle bikes about to get these three in the shed.

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They say the older you get the faster time passes…I must be at the stage where I am approaching warp speed! 😀

I have been meaning to post…HONEST! We took a vacation in Denver in June. No pictures the camera crapped out. But did get a chance to try their bike share and ride their light rail. Both were excellent.

Just got back from a week in Boston, lots to see and do. We used mass transit almost the entire time we were there, and walked the rest of the time. I even got pictures. Here is a picture I snapped out behind the State House. Appears to be a late 1960’s early 1970’s Raleigh Sport in good condition for its age. FWIW those are the original tires!

I have much more to report on in a bit. Including several bike builds and acquisitions.


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