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Sorry about the total lack of postings in the past year. More job responsibilities (downsizing does this), picking up the heavy labor on our family farm due to aging in-laws and life in general. Also the dreaded task of having to restore the missing pictures has caused much procrastination on my part.

I am still buying bikes, working on bikes, and riding bikes as the opportunities arise. Hopefully I can get some housekeeping done around the blog…

Here are a couple of teaser photos for you. I recently purchased these two and yet another Twenty that I am waiting for Spring Thaw to collect.


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From Redline R530

My Dutch inspired bicycle is almost done! I got my Basil Karvan II panniers installed, along with a Esge double legged kickstand. Thanks to Portlandize and Rat Trap Press for their input.

Just a few more goodies and I will declare the bike done. I want a different set of pedals the touring pedals from Velo-Orange look like what I want, then most likely a set of Power Grips. Still toying with the idea of getting a different tail light that is generator powered with the stand light, current tail light and PB Super Flash are doing just fine so I may pass on that for the time being. I am also toying with the idea of a set of cork hand grips, but that is more of an aesthetics thing.

Any suggestions are welcomed!


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Buy a bicycle that isn’t sold in the US and have to translate a German website.

Bought this bike off the used bike rack at my LBS . Someone apparently had brought it from Germany and traded it in on a new bike. It is a Staiger Florida. I find it interesting that Staiger would choose to name it’s entire line of bikes using names from North America…undoubtedly one of the least cycle transportation oriented countries in the world.

The Florida was from their Trekking line, and comes well equipped, with fenders, generator hub, B&M lights, chain guard and bell (typical in the countries it is sold in, but not in the US). I bought it with the original intent of stripping the components for use on a different bike, but got to riding it around and decided to keep if for a beater/grocery getter bike.

The only items I have added to it have been: the Wald folding rear baskets and the Euro style Wald front basket I also swapped out the suspension seat post for a slightly longer non suspension one. The bike came with a plastic/lexan chain guard, but it broke at the mounting points and has not be repaired/replaced yet.

This bike, with it’s 27 speed Shimano drive train, shies away from my normal IGH bikes but has been well worth the $175 that I paid for it. As best I can determine it is a 2002-3 model, and apparently sold originally for ~$650usd


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