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Bits and Pieces

I did a few minor upgrades to my 1972 Raleigh Superbe as well as my bride’s 1971 Raleigh Colt.
Raleigh bikes built prior to around 1960 have nice durable steel parts, many of those had been replaced with less expensive plastic parts by the time our Raleighs were built in the early 1970’s.

The gentleman that heads up the ABCE has seen fit to provide some very nice reproduction parts. While at the 2009 ABCE I picked up the parts and just recently got around to installing them. You can see the difference in the worn and abused plastic pulley versus the steel one. It is going to provide many, many more years of trouble free riding. I also replaced the cable stop/ferrules on both bikes too.

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Sorry couldn’t resist 🙂

Found this out in the Stuff etc store in Coralville, IA. Too good a deal to pass up, even though I already had two other bikes with me.

It is a Rolling Rock beer promo bike. As best can be determined from the late 90’s. It was apparently made by Dahon, there is a single sticker on the downtube that says not to ride it until it has been properly serviced by a Dahon service agent. It has very low end equipment on it, but that doesn’t really matter it is slated for conversion to a folding city bike with IGH, coaster brake, fenders and lights.

Anybody know their Dahon models well enough to know which one this is based on?

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