It’s Alive! Back on the road after hanging in the shed for the past 9 years. This is my 1979 Raleigh DL-1 Roaster.  New saddle, new rear rack, new inner tubes and a serious wheel truing. Rear wheel had over 1/4″ hop in it. Need to change the rear cog to a 24t to get the gearing a bit more suitable for the hills around here. Long range plans include an FG hub converted to 5 speed to get a better gear range and adding some lighting.


Here you go. Cost more than the bike. But can’t beat it for comfort! Three guesses what it is going on. Interesting that Brooks has gone to the bags versus the old cardboard boxes. I have quite of few of those stashed away.img_20181118_173417841


I’m baaaack

Yet another year has sailed past.

Here is a teaser for you.

Back in the Saddle…

So to speak. I am still around and surprisingly enough so is the blogosphere.

Finally found the missing files so I can start rebuilding the missing pictures on the blog, and hopefully post a few more. No new bike acquisitions, and only minimal work on the current herd. Minimal riding too, unfortunately work has been getting in the way.

This past year has been full of too much of everything but bicycles. I think my yearly total riding might be in the low double digit range. Not good…

Life has gotten in the way more than a little. Dealing with ageing parents and my lovely bride being out of work for nearly a year due to an on job injury. Things are starting to level off and plans are afoot for a new shop after the first of the year. So things are looking up!

Hopefully things on the blog side will improve over the winter and I can get things repaired.


Quasi-Annual Check In

Sorry folks, no really new content to add. Another year has slipped by.

An elderly friend of ours asked how I was doing, told her I was “living life at the speed limit”, she said; “I am too and they keep raising the damned thing”.

Working on rearranging some things in our life in hopes of gaining some semblance of control.


Not dead yet!

Sorry about the total lack of postings in the past year. More job responsibilities (downsizing does this), picking up the heavy labor on our family farm due to aging in-laws and life in general. Also the dreaded task of having to restore the missing pictures has caused much procrastination on my part.

I am still buying bikes, working on bikes, and riding bikes as the opportunities arise. Hopefully I can get some housekeeping done around the blog…

Here are a couple of teaser photos for you. I recently purchased these two and yet another Twenty that I am waiting for Spring Thaw to collect.


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